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Welcome To Giga-Commissions!


:star:This is a group dedicated to commissioned works of unrealistic character proportions, and the artists who provide such services.:star:

:star:Created as a place for nfsw-artists who specialize in VERY large sizes, and who want to get into the business of commissions, patreons, donations, adoptions, etc. . . This group is here to help you spread the word on your monetization projects!:star:

:star: All skill levels, styles, and physique preferences are welcome, this is meant to be a professional atmosphere, so if you have any squabbles please don't bring them here!:star:

:star:The group is not intended to be an obligation to the members, only a tool, you will not be pressured to submit, although it is greatly appreciated.:star:

:star: Thanks to :icontsunausui10: for our group's icon!:star:

Group Info

:star:::Rules, Read These!!:::star:

  • No non-monetization related works are to be submitted here! This group is meant solely to spread word about Deviants seeking clients or investing in their art.
  • Submit to the correct folder! If an appropriate folder is not present, comment on the page and an admin will try to rectify it!
  • The featured folder is meant for your best commission work, you will only be able to submit once a week to it, so choose well.
  • Already existing work may be submitted to the galleries
  • Do not ask to join this group if you do not intend to use it for it's intended purpose!
  • If you frequently commission others for art, you may join as a regular member at least.
  • The announcement folder is reserved for ANNOUNCEMENTS, on commissions, raffles, things like that, nothing else, you can submit journal entries on the subject here.
  • This is meant to be a professional atmosphere any kind of berating of those who participate here, will be swiftly acted upon.

:star::star:NOW GET BUSY GUYS!!:star::star:
Founded 2 Years ago
Jan 30, 2015


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109 Members
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Newest Members

This group is meant to help everyone, regardless of skill level, learn, or operate around the monetary side of their art.

Deviantart unfortunately has a typically poor atmosphere for new guys looking to work for commission.

So I just want to let you guys know some basic info

Time - Time yourself when you work, then base your rates upon that. Typical professional illustrators' wage is 20$/hour, even if you don't judge yourself as being professional, don't charge under half that at least, go for a livable wage as your basic price point. And trust me, there will be people who are considerate of your needs as the artist, and will pay that amount, you ARE worth your time.

Levels - Show just what you can do for your work on a price sheet, stuff like sketch-lineart, colored-uncolored, more options are better.

Points - Points aren't really worth it; I'm not saying you can't work for points occasionally, but the point system on DA breeds under-selling your work, it just does, it's basically fun-money or "exposure"

Patreon - Set one up, even if you can't offer rewards, just have one as a tip jar in case

Any more suggestions for the newbies would be appreciated, so feel free to comment here!

:iconsatsumalord: Added:

Well, when it comes to the "Time" portion that you mentioned, it needs to be noted that although $20/hour would be ideal, they should be prepared to make closer to $10 an hour at best; especially if it takes the artist in question several hours just to make a sketch.  So if nothing else, if an artist intends to make any serious money through their craft, they not only need to be at a decent level artistically, but also need to be able to create their work quickly, as well as efficiently.

In addition, artists should never be afraid to notify their clients that they'll have to charge extra for additional changes to a piece; especially since if given the chance, clients will ask for several changes and/or variations of the same piece, which will drag down your profit margin considerably over time.  So be sure to set up a certain number of changes that you'll allow before having to ask for additional payment for those changes.

Oh and having a clear list available of what you "will and won't draw" goes a long way too; especially if you're getting asked about that kinda thing pretty often.

Anyway, just some of my thoughts and advice on the subject, and I hope that it helps others with their own commission ventures.  :)

:icondotintheparadox: also adds:

If you're looking to do something to use as say a charity or fund-raiser, use growth drives or YCH auctions, these seem to be the best for the artist to make money for something they really need to work off.
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Hattushilish Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017

Yet, I constantly get applications of people and even submitted content that has nothing to do with Giga. Would it be possible to change the group's name? the Commissions part really attracts all sorts of people, especially those not into what we are here.
DotintheParadox Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Student General Artist
When they show up, ask them outright in the comments if they're fine drawing that stuff, there's no reason not to let them in to expand their audience Hattu
Hattushilish Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017
I understand that. However when I go to their pages and I see their art does't seem to lead anywhere close to the group requirements, I feel they won't even try this. But maybe I am wrong. Anyways, I'll do as you say from now on.
DotintheParadox Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Student General Artist
It's more about their willingness to work in this way. So long as they only submit said work to our group, it should be fine.

If you have questions if they know what our group is about, just ask them in the comments in the applications.
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Hello-Techs-Soul Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello-Techs-Soul Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
YCH auction ending soon!…

Body proportions can be adjusted!
ViolaNarRayya Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, how do I join :D
DotintheParadox Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Student General Artist
Sorry for such a delayed response, but just apply to members and you'll be accepted
ThatAwkwardOnion Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016  Student Digital Artist
So I've just opened up nsfw commissions, $20 for full body character portraits, $30 for  couples, if anyone's interested :) I am pretty ok with anything and I specialize in yaoi/ yuri hentai pieces :p Also I don't charge extra for the degree of nudity so I can do semi-clothed to completely naked for the same price. :)

Mature Content

Comm: Masane by ThatAwkwardOnion

Mature Content

Along Came a Spider by ThatAwkwardOnion
 Comm: Rivaille(Portrait) by ThatAwkwardOnion
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